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lbuccola 10-26-2011 11:03 AM

How to speed up TinyX Xfbdev with GTK
I'm running a linux build made with buildroot. Kernel is We have developed a GUI using GTK+ and are running it with TinyX. The hardware is an AT91SAM9263 ARM9 running at 240MHz.

My original filesystem was built using Timesys; however, I have since rebuilt the filesystem with buildroot. Using the Timesys filesystem our GUI runs faster than with the buildroot filesystem. Here's the X start options:


Xfbdev -br -pn -xinerama -mouse tslib,,device=/dev/intput/event1 \
-keybd=keyboard -dpi=75 -noreset

Any ideas?

Web31337 12-01-2011 10:17 PM

The only one idea I'm capable of thinking of: did you try running your X application under strace in both environments? That is, to see if it hangs in some system call and in which, if is.
There's nothing more I know on embedded linux with X topic. I'm not even clearly sure where did you grab tinyx from, but it seems you are doing a great job out there.

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