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dwynter 07-03-2002 08:56 AM

How to setup Postfix to work with POP3 server?
I have had a look at a number of POP3 Servers that are mentioned with Postfix in various how tos. But having looked at quite a few How Tos on the subject they are very unclear about how to make the POP3 Server work with the Postfix MTA. Too much concenrating on advanced things like virtual domains muddies the water for a simple user on Linux maps directly to mail user id.

I already have the MX records directed ot the static IP on my Linux box, now I need something that stores them on it, this being the POP3 server if my understanding is correct.

I need to understand the difference between UNIX style storage of emails and single file storage, what goes in the mail client as the POP3 server hostname and which POP3 server is easiest and with the most straightforward instructions. Any suggestions?



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