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ruwach 12-11-2004 12:07 AM

how to serve dhcp
Hey there,
i have a windows 2k laptop that ( according to my employer ) must stay win2k :(
right now in my desktop (Arch Linux) and have two ethernet cards, one that connects me to the internet by cable modem (eht0) and one that connects me to the laptop via crossover cable. (eth1)
i have assigned an address for the laptop and connects ok.
here is the deal
i want to be able to run dhcp off eth1 to allow the laptop to use dhcp to connect to this computer for internet sharing.
This will serve two purposes.
one, i will not have to change settings for the laptop between here and the office.
two, i got a couple of friends that want to try linux but want me to install it for them and i need to hook them up to the net to do it. this would be so much easier if the net could be auto configured

so, any help here would be great

bulliver 12-11-2004 01:59 AM

You need to install and configure a dhcp server. Heres a quick guide:

ruwach 12-11-2004 02:59 AM

Just exactly what i was looking for.
thanks much

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