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sergeantroach 08-25-2003 11:39 AM

How to run Windows apps under Mandrake 9.1
Heu Guys

I read somewhere that theres an emulator that allows you to run Windows apps under Linux - I think it may have been about SuSE but I'm not sure.

Anyone know?

Thanks Guys

DrOzz 08-25-2003 11:41 AM


DrOzz 08-25-2003 11:43 AM

.:: oh and shall i not forget to add ::.

Wine Is Not an Emulator


sergeantroach 08-25-2003 12:20 PM

Erm OK I proberly sound pretty damn thick but where in f**k is Wine.

Can't find it.

Johnny Faster 06-12-2006 11:54 AM

It's an old thread, but it came up as a "similar" thread when I posted a new thread that was (coincidentally) "similar".

The "where the f*** is wine" is a good one. I am the newb of course but it appears to me that the only way to acquire Wine is via linux (Ubuntu, in my case). I tried to "download" it using IE and in WinXP to no avail. Could be wrong, of course, but that is just what I think I know at the time.

jeelliso 06-12-2006 12:36 PM

You can install Wine using YaST. Then run

to set it up.

See If it works under Wine, then this place will probably be able to tell you what to do to install it.

Also see Their program isn't free, but it works very well for some rather tricky software. Just search for it under compatability.

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