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tanveer 05-30-2006 05:24 AM

How to run macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 in FC4 using wine
Hi all:
I have downloaded wine-0.9.2-1fc4winehq.i686.rpm so that I can run Dreamweaver mx in my FC4. I have installed wine sucessfully and also have dreamweaver installed in D drive of windows which I mounted in this location
/mnt/D. Now the dreamweaver execution files path is like this:
/mnt/D/Macromedia/Dreamweaver MX 2004/Dreamweaver.exe

Now how to run dreamweaver actually?
What Argument should I use? Something like this :
#wine /mnt/D/Macromedia/Dreamweaver MX 2004/Dreamweaver.exe

thanks in advance.
Sorry if its a dumb question.


jeelliso 05-30-2006 07:52 AM

There are no dumb questions, just questions that are easier to answer.

I'm not sure this is the case, but I just wanted to make sure. Have you installed Dreamweaver in the Windows OS and are trying to run it from Linux? If this is the case, then you are trying to do something that is impossible. You will need to install Dreamweaver in Linux using wine.

If you haven't already heard of it (and I'll assume you haven't), Franks Corver is probably the best Wine reference on the internet. If if works with Wine, this site can probably tell you how to do it. You probably had it right though, don't pass any special arguments to run Dreamweaver. Here is the Dreamweaver MX page on Franks Corner:

Good Luck,

Nylex 05-30-2006 07:55 AM

Be aware that you'll need to escape spaces with a \, or use double quotes around filenames or directories with spaces in, e.g. /mnt/D/Macromedia/Dreamweaver\ MX\ 2004/Dreamweaver.exe (or alternatively, use tab completion to have the shell do it for you).

tanveer 05-30-2006 10:54 PM

thanks for your reply.
Now I have a clear concept on wine.

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