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dtimms 12-23-2004 07:03 AM

how to rsync ex/include select specific directories ?
I am trying to set up some rsync scripts, and have been successful. However, now I want to instruct rsync to copy files in specific directory to limit the backup that will happen over a slow link.
my source structure is:
I want to sync only files within folder b and files within folder m. [1,2 are files]
While I have re/read man rsync many times, and --dry-run with at least 100 combinations, I either get the whole tree copied, or I get no files copied. One test gave me folder b and it's files, but also copied files in folders below the required folder.

In other web answers, there seems to be some tricks like **, and including then excluding the same directoy, but still no success.

rsync --dry-run -az --exclude-from=exclude.lst --include-from=include.lst /data/ remote:/data/

it made sense to me to excude all:
but include:

Any pointers, or exact in/exclude list setup would be very welcome ?

dtimms 01-11-2005 05:16 AM

here is one way to achieve -
Well, looked like nobody has done this before, so eventually I worked it out. Note: using separate include - nogo. also, - in either file is supposed to be an exclude. but i couldn't make it work, bettter with just a single exclude.

rsync --dry-run -az --exclude-from=exclude.lst /data/ remote:/data/

#dont backup outlook pst files they/re huge
- *.pst
- *.PST

#files in folders b, not subfolders
+ /a
+ /a/b
+ /a/b/*
## note use ** at end of previous line to do b and all files/folders below it.

#files in folder/ms, not subfolders
+ /m
+ /m/*

#dont back up anything else (that hasn't already been mentioned)
- *

Now I get a single rsync run that backs up (to a remote internet machine) just the most inportant is a slow link after all, with the stats option listing the file / change d and transmitted file sizes.

Chime in if there is a simpler way, or even just to say thanks...

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