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Supp0rtLinux 01-07-2003 09:08 PM

How to restrict email from users...
I have a few email accounts that are used internally only... via the vacation program and the .forward they pipe the input of the email to a parser to gernerate a html file. These accounts should only receive email from one or a specific list of sending addresses/IPs/etc as if they were to receive spam for example, it would screw up the outputted html. How can I restrict who can send email to a specific address at my site? Basically the equivalent of hosts.allow & hosts.deny but for email and for specific email addresses.

I'm using RH 7.3 with Sendmail. I'd prefer to do this w/o setting up any other software, but am open to options.

born4linux 01-08-2003 04:37 AM

i think u can do this via the /etc/mail/access file. refer to the sendmail documentation for this.

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