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hamidhqs 06-19-2012 12:49 PM

how to recover files from a deleted partition??
it is a complex problem i've faced nowadays:doh: listen:'s a eee pc netbook which had ubuntu 12.04,backtrack4 and windows 7 installed on it.

2. i wanted to install windows xp instead of 7, so i used a win xp cd and first deleted win 7 partition and then installed win xp instead.

3.then grub gone!! and when i used ubuntu live cd to restore grub but i faced a problem and unfortunately all boot loaders gone.

4.using gparted within that live cd i saw that my home ext4 partition has gone too!!!( it was so important for me).

5.i used hiren's boot cd(testdisk utility) and fortunately my home partition were there.

now... how i can do all these problems i faced??
reinstalling grub,restoring my home partition which is so important for me, having a dual boot system again.

i have no direct access to internet so plz help me do these problems offline.

soileas 06-20-2012 06:17 AM

if you want to have a dual boot linux/windows machine you need to install windows first and then install linux as the windows bootloader doesn't recognise linux this should sort you out

also your ext4 partition might not be gone, I would trust fdisk over gparted.. open a terminal and type
fdisk -l
this lists your disks and partitions + filesystems etc
is your windows xp partition the same size as the windows 7 partition you had?

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