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ganoo 10-29-2005 06:19 AM

How to print two pages per sheet in OpenOffice Writer (+CUPS)?
Here's the problem: I would like to print 2 pages on one sheet of paper but OpenOffice Writer hasn't got a printing dialog that would allow me to use any of the options that are normally available in my printer's CUPS driver. I also tried OpenOffice's "Printing Administration" utility (oopadmin) but there doesn't seem to be any option to print two pages on one sheet of paper.

Is it possible to edit the default printing command in OpenOffice Writer? I guess OpenOffice Writer uses the CUPS command "lpr" because I can use it to print one page per a sheet of paper with no problems. But I'd like to change it to use "lpr -o number-up=2" instead (which would print two pages per sheet.)

I've also installed a program called "gtklp" and in some other programs (like Mozilla Firefox and AbiWord) I can change the default printing command to "gtklp" and this pops up a gtklp GUI interface (where I can choose several printing options from my CUPS driver) before the actual printing starts. But I haven't found any way to make OpenOffice Writer to use gtklp.

I use Debian testing/unstable and OpenOffice version is 2.0 (installed via Debian's apt-get). My printer is Epson StylusPhoto 890 and I am able to print via CUPS two pages per sheet from almost any other application except OpenOffice Writer, so my only problem is finding how to configure OpenOffice's printing settings to use either "lpr -o number-up=2" or "gtklp" instead of plain "lpr". If someone can bring some light to this problem, I'd be most grateful.

T2F 10-29-2005 08:14 AM

How to print two pages per sheet in OpenOffice Writer (+CUPS)?
In OOo2.0 Help, search for "Printing Multiple Pages on One Sheet". This will get you started (in page preview), although in my case in wasn't exactly right, in that the "Page Preview: Two Pages" button was grayed out, & I could not determine how to enable it. At any rate, once I was in Page Preview, I clicked "Page Preview: Multiple Pages" & selected a 2 x 1 page preview. Then I clicked the "Print Options Page View" button & selected 1 row by 2 columns. You may also select other options here. Then press the "Print Page View Button" & you are done.

ganoo 10-29-2005 08:59 AM

I also had to change "Format" from "Portrait" to "Landscape". Otherwise it worked great. Thanks. :)

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