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CharlieBucket 09-23-2007 06:46 AM

How to make an image (back-up) for easily restoring tweaked operating system

I have recently acquired a Lenovo (IBM) ThinkPad T60 2007FUG,
and as you know this (and most others) laptop needs a fair
amount of tweaking, patching etc. to get most of thehardware
to function properly.

At the moment I am using Ubuntu 7.04. I have tweaked and patched
the system, and most of the hardware and its functions are working

I have three partitions on the hard disk (80 GB):
- 20 GB, ext3, mount point: / (operating system),
3.8 Gb is used
- 56 GB, ext3, mount point: /home (contains one user)
- 4 GB, swap

I would now like to make an image or more generally a back-up of
the operating system, so if something happens, say I have to
replace my hd (with an identical one), because it malfunctions,
or I accidently mess-up the system, I can easily restore the
system. (Perhaps by copying and image to a dvd? Or by creating
a back-up partition?)

Does specialized software for this exist?
If so, which software do you recommend?
If not, can this be done in an other way?

Is the partition scheme above appropriate for this purpose,
or is some other layout more suitable?

Best regards

PS. I did find some threads that answered some of my questions,
but only partly.

serafean 09-23-2007 07:06 AM


I think that rsync is the tool you're looking for.
I'd see something like

rsync -rv --delete --exclude="/proc" --exclude="/pathtobackup" / /pathtobackup
In any case, I suggest you read the rsync manual, and tweak the options a bit more (not sure if -a or -b would be useful in your case).


Junior Hacker 09-23-2007 04:32 PM

I recommend Bootitng or Image for Linux when it comes to putting your image on CD's/DVD. Also, there is an open source solution here.

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