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dickb 12-14-2009 06:49 AM

How to install/run C/C++ compiler in Puppy 431
I am trying to install the C/C++ compiler into The current version of puppy 431.
I followed the Release notes and downloaded devx_431.sfs and saved it in the root directory of the drive C:

So I downloaded devx_431.sfs to /mnt/home and I used the Puppy Boot Configuration to make devx_431.sfs automatically
load at boot time.

OK so far so good.

What I need to know now is how do I compile a short test (hello.c) program.

Where are the executables?
Can i copy the executables to ~my-applications/bin ?

"/root/my-applications/bin/ is in the executable search path,
as set by environment variable PATH.

Therefore, any executables placed in here will be found." ???

I'd appreciate any help

AutoBot 12-14-2009 09:17 AM

Yes that's what the my-applications/bin folder is for, its already in the path.

gcc hello.c

If its good then do a

cp hello ~/my-applications/bin

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