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mobassir 07-26-2003 04:08 AM

How to Import Microsft outlook Email in any Red hat 9 Email Software

Every one i am new user of this forum , i am an IT Professional but new in Linux plate form, i am using linux for a year, i am network admin in a office in microsoft plateform, now some user wants to move in linux, specialy my boss, \
things my boss requier from me in linux plateform.
1. File and Print Sharing with all microsoft user (both side)
2. Scaning , Web cam, Mirroing,
3. Internet and Email

i am using redhat 9 Gnome Xwindows with default software.

which work i havr done
1. File sharing is working from both side
2. Internet and Email working Via Windows 2000 ics.
3. i have install the NTFS drive so linux can easly mount NTFS drive its working
4. i want suggation about cd writing, scaning and Web cam that will it work autometincy when i will conect them and which software with do this task
5. i have Adaptic raid card , in ms windows i always configure it in its one bios software and its start work windows dont requier and setting and software will also it work autometcly in linux as same methord.
6. And a very importent issue Email , my Boss is using Microsoft out look fro email and he has very use and data of email , how i can import his emails folders in any Linux email software becouse he dont want to lost his emails (i need answer of speclay this issue)

Thank you very much

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