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RavenLX 05-18-2006 08:03 PM

HOW TO: Get KWeather Panel Applet Working
Kweather does not work well in KDE 3.4.2. In fact, the Display area's Location drop down will always say "Unknown Station" and the icon will be a question mark. Even if you ad several stations and select one it will still do this. This is a work-around.
  1. Find your station ID. This is usually a K followed by the first three letters of your city or some other code. You can find a list of codes here:

    Note that this is a big site so you'll want to use your browser's search feature. The 4-letter code you need will be in the column just to the left of your city name. The column to the right of the city column is the state, so be sure you have the right one.

  2. Open your text editor and type in (or cut and paste) the following:

    [General Options]

  3. Edit the report_location line by adding your 4-letter station code after the equal sign.

  4. Save this file as:


  5. Add the weather applet to your panel. It should now work, and show an icon along with the current temperature.

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