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rylan76 07-13-2005 04:18 AM

How to execute root-privilege programs in KDE autostart?
Hi guys

How can I execute privileged operations (I want to run chmod and hdparm) whenever KDE starts up? I have tried putting a script in the ~/.kde/AutoStart directory, but since KDE runs as a normal user, the operations chmod and hdparm are to execute seem to fail. (This can also be because maybe KDE is not executing the script - see below).

1. Is this the correct way to use KDE's autostart? I. e. by placing executables or scripts into ~/.kde/AutoStart? Or do I need to somehow create a file that has the autostart "format", like

[Desktop Entry]

where "Exec=sh -f" and "Type=Script" and the file is called, say, startup.desktop?? So far, neither seem to work - just dropping the script in /Autostart, and creating such a "desktop format" file...

2. How can I run chmod and hdparm with root privs, without being root, if I can get autostart to execute my script as in (1) above?

Thanks - any help appreciated!


Michael Johnson 07-13-2005 05:25 AM

The hdparm command can be put in your init scripts so that it executes during the boot sequence.
Why do you need to do a chmod before starting KDE?

nglbrkr 07-31-2005 04:27 AM

could you amplify where hdparm should go on the startup scripts?

I have a related problem with a script I need to run to get my touchpad to work. If I try to get Gnome to execute it on login, I get a permission denied error. I need to put it somehwere where scripts are executed as root. Where would that be?



nglbrkr 07-31-2005 04:40 AM

ok I found out

I made a link to it in /etc/rcS.d and I put S80 in front of the link name, since all the others followed that patter.

this is on debian

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