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eikeland 10-14-2007 09:52 PM

How to edit lilo.conf in windows
Not sure if this is the right place for this post since I am trying to get rid of Linux, but I will try anyway. I helped a friend install Linux (Mandriva 2006) on her laptop, but she now wants to get rid of it. The plan is to default lilo to Windows with a timer of 0 and then re-format the linux partition(s). It's no big deal if lilo is still there. The problem is that she doesn't remember the root password. I know there is a way to edit lilo.conf in windows since I did this myself years ago, but I don't remember. Does anyone know how to do this?
Any other way of doing this, maybe by using the windows install CD?? I would also think we could try installing Mandriva again and it should ask for a root password again, but that's a little more involved and I am just trying trying to do something quick and safe since my friend lives in a different state and can't do it myself....


Nylex 10-15-2007 12:52 AM

Why not just reinstall Windows' bootloader? It's easily done with the CD and recovery console.

larkl 10-15-2007 07:35 AM

I definitely just reinstall the windows MBR from the CD or you could use a variety of different recovery tools.

glow649 10-15-2007 07:44 AM

Why do you want to get rid of Linux ?

farslayer 10-15-2007 08:31 AM

1. Boot from the Windows CD
2. Select R for Recovery Console
3. Type the number of your Windows install (usually 1) and hit enter
4. Type in the administrator password
5. Type fixmbr and hit enter
6. Answer yes when it asks you to overwrite the MBR
7. Type exit, which will then reboot the system and everything should work
8. boot into windows and delete the Linux partitions

eikeland 10-20-2007 12:01 PM

Well, it would have been nice if Toshiba had supplied a CD/DVD that would do that. However, their Recovery disk doesn't give me those options. I have two options:
1. Recovery of Factory Default Software
2. Erase the hard disk.

I choose the first option.

I then get 3 options:
1. Recovery to out-of-box state
2. Recovery without changing the hard drive partitions
3. Recover to a custom size partition.

Regardless of which option I type, I am told that all partitions will be deleted and I will loose all data on the hard drive! Nice Toshiba!
I have no option to go to the standard windows recovery console like other manufacturers do.

Any suggestions?

farslayer 10-20-2007 08:38 PM

Man I do so hate OEM recovery CD's. Maybe call Toshiba and ask them how to run the utility (fixmbr) you need ?

I always specify that recovery CD's are NOT an acceptable option when purchasing a new PC. I want a FULL OS CD. I think you can see why.

This may help... MBRFix

I've never used it but it looks like it may do the trick...

eikeland 10-21-2007 07:15 AM

I agree. I made a big stink about that last time I bought a laptop for myself. However, I just took a look at it, and it actually let me get into the Recovery console. This one came from Compaq, so they are at least a little bit better than Toshiba.

I was able to fix the problem by using Mandriva 2008 installation DVD. As soon as it booted up, it gave me an option to restore the Windows boot loader. That's they way it shold have been in Windows....
I then had to drop the old Linux partitions and create one for windows and then format it. I could at least do that in Windows though.

eikeland 10-21-2007 09:01 AM

I called Toshiba to give them a hard time about their 'recovery' disk. They confirmed that the only option was to erase all data and to get the laptop back to the state it was shipped in. I told them how foolish it was of them to not offer a simple option to fix the mbr and that I would never buy a Toshiba product! I also asked the rep if she agreed with me that this was foolish by Toshiba not to offer a product that would allow a user to fix a boot record. She asked me to understand that she could not comment on that :)

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