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sadanapalli 04-09-2003 11:21 AM

How to detect Laptop is docked /Undocked?
I am running RedHat 8.0 on my Dell Latitude C610 laptop.
I am having Dell Latitude C/Port II docking station. I have an extra
Dell Optiplex GX260. When I dock my laptop, monitor configuration should
be changed to
reflect the GX260 monitor .

When my laptop is up and running, I docked it. Now my display is on the
extra GX260 monitor, but not properly configured.
I believe then, this is termed as hot-docking, am I right friends?
So is it possible to detect as and when the laptop is docked/undocked
and thus, change the monitor configuration accordingly?
Where to look for in /proc , if in case the /proc is the directory to
look for?
In Linux, is there any software/module that dynamically auto-detects and
configures the monitor?


joekrahn 08-12-2003 05:17 PM

At least for Dell laptops, the dock show up as a PCI device,
so it can be detected with lspci, as explained here:

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