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coolamit78 02-15-2004 03:52 AM

how to change the background color behind splash screen ?
Hi everyone...

As soon as we enter our password in the GUI, a window is displayed just before the splash screen ( or the window manager) loads. I am looking to change the background color of this window which is sky blue by default.

Does anyone know the file in which this color setting is stored? I'd like to know that for both GNOME and KDE.



coolamit78 02-15-2004 11:05 AM

I know this one is a bit difficult, but I'm sure someone will help...



KroniX 03-16-2004 04:29 AM


Edit /usr/bin/startkde
There's a couple of lines that look like:
test "$XDM_MANAGED" || bkg="-solid #5477A0"

The #5477A0 is the colour for the background. Change that to whatever you want.

It works for red hat 9 anyway, good luck.

coolamit78 03-16-2004 05:49 AM

Hi KroniX,

Well, thanx so much for this one...Yes, I've changed the color...however, it seems there are at least 4 different files that load different background colors during the entire login process..

1. The first colored background appears just before the graphical login screen is displayed.

2. Next, Once I feed my password and press enter, there are two separate files which load the same background color (blue)....

3. The fourth file is what you have suggested .i.e /usr/bin/startkde..this one loads at the I got the my custom background in this file done...

However, I am yet to figure out which are those 2 files that load the default blue color background..( point no 2) ?

I'd appreciate if anyone can trace these 2 files..



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