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raid517 09-15-2005 03:39 AM

How to change ownership of a drive?
Hi I installed a new harddrive and everything is working fine.

The only problem is that whenever I try to download anything directly to it from the internet, I get an error message saying that I don't have permission to write to that drive.

The thing is though I can write to it if i move files to it locally.

Here is the fatab entry I have for that device:

/dev/hdb1 /mnt/hdb1 vfat auto,users,exec,umask=000,shortname=mixed,quiet 0 0

Also I tried changing ownership of the drive by doing:

# chown -R raid517 /dev/hdb1
# chgrp -R raid517 /dev/hdb1
# chown -R raid517 /mnt/hdb1
# chgrp -R raid517 /mnt/hdb1

But regardless of this whenever I look at the ownership of the drive and the mount point it always reads /root/root.

As I intend to use this drive as an FTP drive, being able to write to it via the web would be cool.

Basically i just want read write, run riot and do whatever the hell I please permission on the drive. It won't store any important stuff, so I just want as much access to it as I can get.


guideweb 09-15-2005 09:15 AM

You need to specify permision into your /etc/fstab file

Eg :

/dev/sda5 /mnt/datadisk vfat defaults,uid=501,gid=501,fmask=000,dmask=000 0 3

mount sda5 on datadisk
type vfat

The uid and gid set the owner and the group of the files (501 is my login on my personal machine)
And fmask and dmask set the default permissions to rxw for evrybody

the 0 3 :
0 is the backup frequency
and 3 is the order to check at boot time.

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