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RavenLX 05-18-2006 09:10 PM

HOW TO: Change KWeather's Icons
If you would like to change the icons displayed in KWeather:
  1. Remove KWeather from your panel

  2. Create a kweather-icons_default directory in your home directory or $HOME/tmp directory. In a terminal, change to that directory.

  3. Do the following:
    cp /usr/share/apps/kweather/*png .
    cd ..
    tar -cvjf kweather-icons_default.tar.bz2 kweather-icons_default

  4. Now you can copy the archive to your backup disc. You may delete the kweather-icons_default if you wish or keep it as extra backup.

  5. Change to root user (su and then enter password when prompted).

  6. rm -rf /usr/share/apps/kweather/*png

  7. Change to the directory where your new icons are.

  8. cp *png /usr/share/apps/kweather/*png

  9. Add the kweather applet to your panel. You should see the new icons.

kencaz 05-18-2006 09:26 PM

I use Kweather and love the Kicker-Applet.

I know it's not very configurable and I use the default icons, however, the one thing I would like to be able to change is the font size and style. I have not had any luck here and so far have not found anyone who has had any better luck with it.

The black text kindof limits the backgrounds I can use with a transparent kicker panel... but it's still a great little app...


RavenLX 05-19-2006 12:53 AM

I hear ya. I think they would have to code that into the app, as the config files don't have any type of way to change that, unfortunately.

I just installed SuperKaramba and am using the Liquid Weather theme. Now THAT is what I call weather. :) However, if someone needs something very small, then KWeather is the best I've seen so far.

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