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vibinlakshman 03-06-2009 08:22 PM

How to avoid this CD Write error?
I'm trying to write a downloaded torrent movie file to a CD thru K3B and also tried Brasero , but at that time its showing an error " This file is not MPEG-2 " so its not able to get written in CD
Does anybody had faced same problem ?

puntjuh 03-07-2009 01:17 PM

if you are trying to burn it as a Video-CD, you need to reauthor the movie too MPEG-2. As this is the format for VCD! Otherwise your dvd-player wont be able to play the movie.

I'd try to use Tovid to re-edit your movie to MPEG2. Then try burning again.

That's the solution to your burn problem.

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