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deshkavikas 10-08-2006 04:24 AM

how to automatic update fc5 from internet
i want help regardng automatic updating the fc5 from software updater not working when i start that it hang.plz help

b0uncer 10-08-2006 05:00 AM

Instead of stupid "words" like plz which could be written as they should, please, you should in the first post, in addition to describing the problem, tell some other information too:

- what do you mean by "it hangs"? Does it 1) do nothing, 2) produce error and do nothing, 3) produce errors all the time, 4) not start at all, 5) crash or what?

- what do you mean by "software updater": a graphical one or a text-based one; is it Yum or some other tool? There are a lot of choices really..

- Does your interent connection work fine, and can you ping the servers you're trying to get the updates from? Did you try other mirrors as well? Have you edited the configuration of your "software updater"?

Automating something is very easy, you could use cron for that if you liked. Though automating a full update/upgrade is not a wise idea, since then you wouldn't know what you're updating, and thus might update something unintentionally and possibly break something.

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