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Niceman2005 06-07-2006 08:19 PM

How to add new domain to an existing qmail-ldap server
Dear friends,

I have a qmail-ldap mail server (for receiving mails pop3). Then Ihave a postfix (smtp) for sending mails.

Now I need to create a new domain, what is the actual files I should edit?

I have done the following in Postfix (Say I want to add domain
1) Add a line in that says: virtual_mailbox_domains =

2) Add a line in local_domains: OK

3) Add a line in transport: smtp:[x.x.x.x]:25

Then I move to my pop3 machine which is a qmail-ldap and add these lines in /var/qmail/control

1) echo "" >> locals

2) echo "" >> rcpthosts

Then in LDAP I added a user. but when I tried from mail client, I was able to send mail but unable to receive. Nothing was received...evne mails for himself....I supposed since I use qmail-ldap to receive mails, there should be some mistake in my configuration somewhere in qmail-ldap machine....but I can't figure out...anyone knows what is the problem? pls help me.........thanks a lot...for helping..


Niceman2005 06-07-2006 08:30 PM

Oh yes...I have solved the problem...sorry friends...just solved it.

I didn't do the make command to make the rcpthost and locals file take the changes effective..

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