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pdmackenzie 06-03-2005 11:19 PM

How prevent firefox from sucking up so much memory?
Is it possible to configure firefox so that it doesn't devour over 90% of the ram and swap memory? If I leave it running for a couple of days with 10 or so tabs open , the performance of the computer slows almost to a halt.

I realise that having only 256k ram is a bit slow these days, but still-- no other application has this effect on my computer when left running for a significant period of tme. Any suggestions?

thanks in advance,

craigevil 06-03-2005 11:33 PM

It is a bug within Firefox. From what I understand it should be fixed by Firefox 1.1

If the problem is with Firefox then try running Firefox in Safe Mode
If all is well, you have a "bad" theme or extension that needs updating, replacement or removal.
Tools Menu -> Extensions Dialog, each extension can be individually disabled using its right-click/context menu.
Disable individual extensions until you find the one that causes problems. Uninstall it.
Tool>Themes>uninstall following the same steps as a bad extension
If the problem still exists it could be a bad profile in which case you need to Create a new profile

Of course it may also be something else making you system unstable.

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