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claudiup 12-11-2004 08:22 AM

How does the compile affect performance
Hi! How does the compile of the entire system using specific machine options affect performance? I saw some distro being i386 and others i586 or even i686. That means if I have a i386 distro I have a slower system than one with a i586? What are the key pakages to compile on my own machine to improve performance.


PS: I'm using Fedora Core 3 and I've noticed it is a bit slower than Mandrake 10.1 Community - the boot time and the speed in Tux Racer.

samael26 12-11-2004 08:35 AM


I strongly suggests that you read this book : (if you're not afraid of door-blockers : more than 800 pages)

Linux Power Tools
by Roderick Smith at Sybex Inc.

Easily found at


claudiup 12-11-2004 08:43 AM

Thank you very much, but.. I'm from Romania and I cannot buy things at Amazon :( I understand that because of some hackers and credit card frauds in my country Amazon and other e-shops prohibit any buy from Romania.

Instead, an online documentation could be helpful. By then, I'll google it.


foo_bar_foo 12-11-2004 12:21 PM

the difference in performance from various compile options can be quite striking and are somewhat different for different programs.

the most important thing to optimize is the kernel (change the Makefile).

i suggest using
test with various comiler flags in the Makefile til you figure out what is best for your machine
what kind of CPU do you have -- perhaps we can offer suggestions

a word of caution -- lots of the information you will find in the Linux community online concerning compiler flags falls into the catagory of gcc mythology so test for yourself instead of believing others

another word of caution -- some compiler flags break certain applications either at runtime or break their build

it is very important NOT to try to optimize either gcc itself or glibc

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