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darkstarbyte 08-29-2012 12:27 AM

How does one make a virtual ssh directory?
I need a place to put my recovered files (which is why I need a virtual directory.), but my desktop computer does not have as much space as my laptop. So I need a way to send over the files, so I can finish the recovery. Both computer run Slackware64, my laptop runs current and my desktop runs stable.

Whole story about the recovery:

I accidentally deleted a very important directory on my external hard drive, and my desktop does not have enough space on it to recover it. (Which is why I have the external hard drive, is because I do not have enough space on my desktops hard drive.) But my laptop does have enough space, though extundelete seg faults on it, everytime because of how the libraries are set up on it.

evo2 08-29-2012 12:41 AM


sounds like you want to use sshfs. To mount a directory or partition from hostb on hosta while currently logged onto hosta you could do:


mkdir -p /path/to/somewhere/hostbdir
sshfs user@hostb:/path/to/some/dir/on/hostb /path/to/somewhere/hostbdir

Now any program can copy files to hostb while on hosta just by dropping files into /path/to/somewhere/hostbdir/

To unmount it you can do

fusermount -u /path/to/somewhere/hostbdir
Caveats: this requires fuse and sshfs on hosta (only sshd on hostb). I do not know what packages provide these on slackware. Also note that at least in Debian the user using sshfs needs to be in the fuse group.



darkstarbyte 08-29-2012 01:29 AM

thank you, I knew what I was looking for, but google was not helping.

I tried googling the following terms:
virtual ssh directory on linux
virtual ssh directory

and nothing but websites talking about software for windows I should buy.

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