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tcurt 11-28-2004 01:09 AM

How do you gracefully interrupt Yum?
I use Yum to update FC2 and only have dial-up internet access. Yum runs overnight and finishes quickly enough. Periodically though, there is a really big update (Open Office updates are especially bad). Yum won't finish in time and if my ISP doesn't disconnect me, I'll have to do it myself. I usually ctrl-C or Z or something to stop it and then run gFTP to get the RPM later. gFTP allows me to *resume* a download - including the one started by Yum. Yum only *restarts* a download which means on OOo updates I'll never finish without gFTP. I can live with the arrangement, except I can't help but think I'm stopping Yum the wrong way. Older versions would just end and I could restart them, but the newer versions give me a stream of messages before quitting and won't restart without me re-logging in. There might be a thread I could kill to prevent that, but maybe there's a tidier way to stop Yum in the first place. I haven't seen anything in the Man pages, but I don't think anyone ever really wanted to stop Yum from finishing either. This is a practical matter as well. If a dial-up user ever loses their connection, Yum doesn't know it or does it appear to time-out. Thanks.


gneeot 06-28-2006 12:17 PM

I've got the same problem

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