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Ian D 11-04-2017 09:00 AM

How do I install texlive-labels?
I have Fedora 26. I thought I would install texlive-labels using dnfdragora.

Something happened - but it was not an install of anything that I can use. Looking at texlive documentation, it seems that I have to run an install program - but I do not know where to find it. Do I need to download more bits?

bigrigdriver 11-04-2017 04:04 PM

I found this at

Install Howto

Install the texlive-labels-doc rpm package:

# dnf install texlive-labels-doc

Ian D 11-11-2017 09:22 AM

Thank you. I think I have it installed now - but now I have to work out how I would use it.

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