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Amerist 04-13-2002 07:23 AM

How do I get rid of GRUB?
I wasn't sure when installing RH 7.2 if the "no bootloader" option would prevent my linux-only laptop from booting, so I chose to use GRUB since I had used it before on my desktop to dual-boot.

My questions are, how do I get rid of it? And will my laptop boot linux without it?

Also, there is severe graphical corruption on the grub bootloader screen where text usually appears. The background is blue like normal but there is white garbage all over the screen. I have changed grub config to automatically boot linux after 0 seconds and that works okay, but I still see the grub screen flash for a fraction of a second when the laptop boots up. Plus, I just hate knowing that it's installed on the system and I don't even use it.

Any suggestions?

Thymox 04-13-2002 08:05 AM

I don't know if you can get rid of grub/lilo. Certainly you can replace one with the other, but since the kernel often needs parameters passed to it, you wouln't be able to do this without some sort of program like lilo/grub.

As for the corrupted graphics, try commenting out the line in your grub.conf (or whatever) that refers to the graphics in question.

Amerist 04-13-2002 08:49 AM

Thanks for the quick reply. This sure sounds interesting. I'll take a look at my config to see what I can find.


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