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digitsm 05-15-2010 02:21 PM

How can I make a local mirror and update it automatically?
There's a FTP server in my university with terabytes of disk storages. Our university has not very large bandwidth for personal downloads but we can download many contents with that server 24/7.
This subject give me an idea to make a local repository of various Linux distros on that server, which can improve using of Linux in the university (by fast local software installations).
Although that server run Windows Server 2008 but we may could run a VMWare on that and install a Linux distro on it.
Now, how can I download all Fedora packages (for various releases and various architectures) and more important, how can I update them regularly and automatically at specific periods?
I think we can do similar job in Ubuntu by using "debmirror" or "aptmirror" programs. And we can update this job by using "cronjob" in Ubuntu. But how about Fedora?
I searched about it and met some programs like "rsync" but I don't know how they work? Even I could find some contents to make a private mirror (which is not important for me) at here, but I could not find out how to update and download all selected packages there.
There is another question. Can I do the same job in the Windows and without using a virtual Linux in our Windows server?
Or can I download and update repositories of various distros (e.g. Fedora & Ubuntu) in only one Linux distro envirement (e.g. Fedora)?


brucehinrichs 05-15-2010 04:14 PM

Take a look here:

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