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AleLinuxBSD 04-12-2010 04:17 AM

High definition (720p or 1080p) playback on Linux & driver
Yesterday I have done some research and the situation don't seem much good for me. :(
Driver closed sourced
173.14.25 (legacy) for Linux x86/x86_64 released
Release Date:
Even legacy driver are updates for improved compatibility with recent Linux kernels.

R500 Mesa Is Still No Match To An Old Catalyst Driver

AMD routinely drops support for older GPU generations from the ATI Catalyst.
I would like known if this situation happens even on nVidia. :scratch:

Frequently Asked Questions about the ATI Proprietary Linux Driver

What features are provided by the ATI Proprietary Linux Driver?
The ATI Proprietary Linux driver currently provides hardware acceleration for 3D graphics and video playback. It also includes support for dual displays and TV Output.
AMD's UVD2-based XvBA Finally Does Something On Linux: despite what said the faq i have the impression that the support is partial and only on early stage.:confused:

Driver open source.
they are always open so i think there is a full support.
This user use these solution and obtain interesting result.
Drawback: poor performance respect the integrated graphics card ati and nvidia.
But the graphics on the series i5 is equivalent or better at the ati 790 g while the graphics on the series i3 is a little less better then this ati.

half-open but as the link said before with very poor performance even compared at proprietary solution from some years ago.

780G/HD 3200 and cpu friendly player/backend
The answer 3 said is necessary use the closed-source catalyst drivers.:banghead:

Actually i can see 720p HD video at full screen without using the integrated graphic card ati (i use the standard Vesa ) and my athlon X2 4000+ occupy 120 % while i can't see smoothly video on 1080p HD.

In the future,on the next update hardware, I would like something that support HD playback on standard 720p and 1080p that use the graphic chipset (on board) but without using closed source driver.

I don't use 3d, i don't play game, my only need that require some power is playback some HD video (streaming video from youtube, etc, and in future i hope my video using a true camcorder).

I prefer avoid the use of closed sourced driver (also i haven't clear idea if even nVidia drop the support for older graphics after some time - i want use a pc how much i want, so if every time i update the system for new kernel and/or X Server i want that everything work fine and don't that after sometime the propertary driver aren't present so i must go back on Vesa driver).
So I would like known if the only solution is use an integrated chipset intel (despite i like better amd).

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