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nowhere 02-25-2004 02:44 PM

HELP ! Where to find ?
Hi !

A patch I tried to install on Fedora (Core 1) erased the /etc/ file.
Since then I can't run no binaries any more - at all. Rebooting results into kernel panic. Nice !

I corrected the error in the patch - gcc was not reachable - using the "linux rescue" feature of the boot cdrom. Problem is now that I can't have it recompiled because it looks for libraries into the /usr/lib directory. Which are not there in linux rescue because it is mounted as /mnt/sysimage/usr/lib. ld always comes up that it doesn't find "/usr/lib/libc_nonshared.a". Adding the /mnt/sysimage/usr/lib directory to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable has the same result.

Trying with chroot /mnt/sysimage doesn't work either ... because /etc/ is missing !

So, before reinstalling Fedora completely for this one single missing file, I'm trying to find a copy of this file to put it there during rescue mode and reboot with it.

Is there somebody here who can help me with or recompiling this file or finding a copy somewhere ? Any clue and help is more then welcome ! Thanks !

Kind Regards,


320mb 02-27-2004 02:57 PM

Something is ODD here, I've googled for a half hour now, and everything I've read....including this post @ LQ.............

says that the file your missing is located in /lib or /usr/lib..............

nowhere 03-03-2004 10:19 AM

I finally made it work. In fact there was a file "" - or something like that - that was referencing to Removing this file solved the problem.

So simple it was ...

rammya 06-22-2004 01:50 AM


I am also having the same problem - a patch I installed led to kernel panic and I cannot load any libraries.
I get "error while loading shared libraries : /etc/ : cannot open shared object file..."

Where can I find the file?

And one more question, why is this error happening? Is the patch linking some files wrongly?


tizzef 02-09-2006 10:23 AM

Hi all,

I know that it's a bit too late but I reply to this post for thos who stuck again.

I have encoutered the same problem in a RHES 3 with Oracle 9i. After an electrical break down, I can't have this box boot again. It was complaining about a </usr/lib/>.
So I boot with "linux rescue", chroot /mnt/sysimage and I find that this library was corrupt. Instead of 4431 octets, it was 4438.
I pick up a new one in another box and reboot and it's work fine now.


dudulives 09-29-2008 08:54 AM

hello all,

I had the same issue last week (kernel panick! file missing or something like that!) on RHES V3. If I understood the early warning sign ("relocation error: GLIBC_2.0 not defined......." error when trying to use the Oracle report engine "runrep" command) after restoring production data on a test server, the issue would have been resolved a lot quicker - using scenario 1 below.

In my case, the program i was trying to execute "runrep" called /etc/ using glibc(see more about the files here). in turn pointed to /etc/ The file was missing hence the issue.

It can be fundamentally resolved within the scope of two scenarios.

1. Scenario one - if detected before a shutdown/reboot (i.e with the relocation error) then recompile another file (instructions here) OR copy the file from another server (assumption is that there is a replicated environment) and paste in /etc/.

2. Scenario two - if in the event you reboot and have the "kernel panick" issue (which I had) then reboot in rescue mode (using the RH cd). Most likely, if you try 'chroot /mnt/sysimage', it would not work as the file is not in /mnt/sysimage/etc/ directory. Get the file from another node (or recompile as indicated in scenario 1) and drop in /mnt/sysimage/ which is actually the root directory of the OS (if it were not in rescue mode). Then edit the pointer in /mnt/sysimage/ from /etc/ to /mnt/sysimage/ Now do 'chroot /mnt/sysimage' IT SHOULD WORK if the issue is with the link in the file. Now place the in /etc/ and reboot. VOILA!!!



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