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Nikitis 11-06-2005 03:25 PM

Help setting up Dual Monitors/ Two ATI Video Cards
I need some help with installing two ATI Cards in a machine. The cards are as follows.

ATI Xpert 128 PCI (16MB PCI Card) VGA
ATI AIW 9800 Pro (128MB AGP Card) DVI

Kubuntu Distro, or Fedora Core 4 Distro.

The problem i'm having is, I can get both monitors to turn on. But once I install the ATI Drivers, only one monitor is on. And then I can no longer access the Dual-head GUI Options. Like it's no longer installed or something.

Without the drivers, it recognizes the cards, but they are swaped. It sees the ATI Xpert 128 on my DVI monitor, but it's really the ATI AIW 9800 Pro. In the Display GUI Configuration, I can swap them and it seems to work all right. (This is before the ATI Drivers are installed.)

Since I coudln't go back to reconfiguring all of that, I reformatted and am starting again. I would like your advice on this. Most of the guides I find are for Dual-head (Which is two heads on one card) I have two separate cards.

Any guides or ideas would help me greatly. And if I can successfully do this, I will write my own guide for whoever else is in my boat.

Thanks a lot for any help!

sabre307 11-06-2005 09:56 PM

Try using Xinerama.

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