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cplmckenzie 01-21-2017 04:52 PM

Has anyone installed ShakeCast on Mint?
Hi, I am wondering if anyone here has ever installed USGS ShakeCast Earthquake notification server on Linux Mint. I have successfully installed in under Windows, now I need to do the same in Mint.

What is ShakeCast?
==================================================================================================== ==================

An application for automating ShakeMap delivery to critical users and for facilitating notification of shaking levels at user-selected facilities.

Who should use ShakeCast: businesses, utility and other lifeline managers, emergency responders, and others have an urgent need for information about the impact on their own facilities so they can make informed decisions and take quick actions to ensure safety, restore system functionality, and minimize losses.
==================================================================================================== ==================

ShakeCast utilizes MySQL database and Apache 2 Server for it's functionality. Modifications are necessary to the apache2.conf file to point it to use the sc.conf files.

I can provide the .conf files to see if necessary. I basically modified the Linux .conf file to mimic the Windows .conf files. Needless to say it crashed Apache.

If anyone has either installed this System or can suggest the modifications I need to make in the .conf files.
Please, by all means, post me some help :}


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