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zilaei 12-09-2003 10:01 AM

Hard time installing Debian and Mplayer
I'm new to linux and i have now tried to make everything work this last weeks and finaly yesterday a succeed (damn hercules card...). Then I tryed installing some programs and all went well untill a tried to configure MPlayer. A do get sound but no video and the output after that a have run ./configure on mplayer is:

Enabled optional drivers:
Input: ftp network edl tv mpdvdkit2 vcd
Codecs: flac(internal) qtx libavcodec real dshow/dmo win32 faad2
Audio output: oss mpegpes(file)
Video output: cvidix vesa mpegpes(file) fbdev tga
Disabled optional drivers:
Input: tv-v4l2 tv-v4l tv-bsdbt848 matroska cdda dvdread dvdcss smb
Codecs: opendivx xvid libdv xanim libtheora libvorbis libmad liblzo gif
Audio output: sgi sun alsa esd arts dxr2 nas win32 sdl macosx
Video output: xvidix winvidix bl zr dxr3 dxr2 directx sdl gif89a jpeg png svga aa ggi xmga mga opengl dga xvmc xv x11 directfb tdfx_vid tdfxfb 3dfx

and the thing is that a do want forex. xvid suport but that is disabled???

How do I enable thos codex??

crashmeister 12-09-2003 10:22 AM

Try the .deb from marillat at

zilaei 12-09-2003 03:15 PM

thanks, I can now se films in the gmplayer but for some reason not in the consolmode!?

crashmeister 12-10-2003 04:10 AM

Sorry but I can't help you much there.Didn't use Debian for a while but try it with the command mplayer instead or gmplayer for console.Also please post the error message you get (last couple of lines).

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