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Oxagast 05-24-2006 05:08 PM

Half Life in Wine
I have been trying to get the original Half Life (not Half Life 2) to work in linux. I read a page that says it works in Wine, so I tried that. Is the site, however, it does not look to be activly maintained anymore. Anyway, Half Life installs fine, and when I run it from Wine, it comes up and all seems to work fine, until I go to click on one of the menu items. It doesn't matter what I click on, weather its Configure, or New Game, or whatever. I click, and it makes the little ticking nose for the thing to come up, and then the screen changes like a window came up, but nothing really comes up, nothing that I can see anyway. If I click in random places on the screen, I can hear it doing stuff, but I cannot see it. If I press escape, the "window thats not there" will go down and make the other clicking noise, and I can then click on the stuff from the main screen again. Also, if I start a new game, I can hear the game going, where he's riding through the tunnel on the train thing, however, I cannot see it. Does anybody know whats wrong? Any help would be appriciated, as I really love this game and wish I could play it on linux! Also, if anybody knows of a linux native port of the half life engine that I could use to play it, that would be good too, if not even better. I'd be supprised if nobody has made one yet actually, considering they were made for Quake 2 and Doom, etc. Oh yes, I also heard that Half Life was based on the Quake 2 engine... is it possible to play Half Life inside one of the native Quake 2 engines?


dive 05-25-2006 10:02 AM

If I remember rightly you need to make an entry for the game in winecfg, then set the graphics to allow directx apps to stop mouse leaving window.

Oxagast 05-25-2006 06:18 PM

Oh, thank you so much, that worked. Well either that, or turning off the window manager dectorations and stuff, but in either case, you got me to the place where I could do that. Thanks!

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