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nrastogi 08-13-2002 04:42 PM

Graphical tools on client machine
Hi guys,

I did use the "search" functionality before posting my question and was unable to find the exact answer I am looking for.

We are in the phase of deciding whether we should go for moving to Linux so that I would not affect our staff that uses graphical tools for web designing.

Well, If we were to setup Linux/Apage configuration for the server, would there be any issue of using the tools like dreamweaver, adobe acrobat and their other products on the client machine (windows) and have it stroed on the linux server.

Should we have to use windows emulator to do that (if yes, how to configure that and which one to choose) or this should really not matter for the client side programming or development.

In short, if the client is using windows programs, how the drives/directories on the linux can be made accessible from those client s/w. If that's possible, would there be any chance of losing the format of those special programs (such as pdf, html ...)

Any help is appreciated.


mace 08-13-2002 08:31 PM


nrastogi 08-14-2002 08:46 AM

Thanks mace,

But my question was "Can link/access linux server from my windows desktop?" and use windows workstation to store/screate files on linux server's directories.

Any ideas !!!!


neo77777 08-14-2002 10:44 AM

Why not, we are doing at my job all the time, you can setup SAMBA to share linux and windows shares, but in our case SAMBA is not an option due to restrictions in company policies, so the way it is done is a bit awkward - we are running apache+tomcat webserver on RedHat 7.3 to serve JSP pages (we are in a state of moving away from asp + IIS + M$ to jsp + apache + linux). So the jsp pages, tag libs, etc. are created on windows side, and tested on windows machine running apache and tomcat (win32 versions), then they are transfered to linux side by PUTTY's scp. With SAMBA I believe it would be a lot easier cause you can copy/paste everything between win/lin shares, but with our strict security rules here we can't do it.
Good luck

nrastogi 08-14-2002 10:57 AM

Thanks for the response neo!

Two questions - you mentioned "stricy secutiry" not allow you to use SAMBA. Are there security issues using this s/w? If yes, what they are.

Any other utility you are aware of that could link windows and linux as the way I indiacated in my precious posts? We don't have to go for free. We can buy something from the vendor if that comes to best performance, ease of use & installation and less/no security issues.

Please suggest me keeping these option in mind.

Anyway, is the website for SAMBA. Which s/w I have to download if I were to....

Thanks again

Have a nice day!

neo77777 08-14-2002 04:10 PM

The thing with security issues is that our company is a financial insttution, so admins take it in all armor to protect infrastructure of the network, SAMBA relies on NetBios communication - so i think this is what scared them a lot, but they forget that our entire NT network wrapped around Novell client is by no means NetBios'd already. So, there's a lot of contradiction and uncertanty is going on. And when I mentioned SAMBA I was confined with our company policy regarding third parties software solutions and SAMBA along with ICQ, IRC, etc was in that list as no-no, what could I do? I just laughed to myself, and they make my work harder forcing me to develop darn JSP pages on windows machine and then transfer them over to the webserver, then I have to ssh into it to move thing around (by the way ssh is not updated - and when I mentioned it to sysadmin I was told to STFU). Personally, I have no experience in SAMBA, 'cause I've never delt with it - at home I have no need for it b/c I don't have windows clients, at work - I am not allowed to set it up. AFAIK, samba's security issues are more likely the same as of any windows network shares' security - enumeration, some passwords are stored in the clear, etc. So, I guess, regarding samba security model you should wait till somebody more experienced in that field jumps on the thread and/or google around.
Regards, Neo.

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