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m4mach 09-18-2007 06:36 AM

GTK+. Remove useless effect

How to remove an effect in GTK+ (using gtkrc file) which causes a selected (sorted) column in TreeView (list view) to has a different background colour?

Here is an example how...
shouldn't be:

should be:

I've tried a lot of bg[SELECTED]= and text[SELECTED]= options but it didn't work well, or worked in some illogical way

PatrickNew 10-15-2007 05:03 PM

I believe that is a consequence of the gtk theme you are using. So, if you want to change it, pick a different theme.

m4mach 11-29-2007 10:05 AM

Unfortunatelly, every theme has the same effect. I suspect this is hardcoded somehow in GTK. If someone found a GTK2 theme without this, please let me know.

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