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scm86 12-24-2004 03:14 PM

Grub takes forever to load win98 after linux session...
I upgraded to a larger hardrive a few weeks back (seagate 120gig) and reinstalled windows on it and reinstalled linux on the other smaller drive. When I reinstalled linux, RH9, it said the big hardrive contained fixable errors.

It installed and they coexisted fine till i attemmpted to recompile my kernel from 2.4 to 2.6.9 and killed linux. I upgraded to FC2 and everything is better except grub. after rebooting to get back to windows, grub will take two or three minutes to boot into windows. if i give it the three fingered salute while its trying to load windows, it reboots and goes into windows no problem...

Is this someting to do with the 'fixable errors' or do i need to upgrade grub?

I'll post my grub.conf contents asap


Scott McNeely

doralsoral 12-24-2004 03:43 PM

i think windows 98 has some issues with larger hard drives. not sure if thats whats goin on you should think about going to xp, also you might want to try fedora core 3 as well. sorry if inm not much hep but it just looks like youre trying to stick with older operating systems when there are betterones out there. i understand if you don wanna get windows xp because of the cost but give FC3 a try it may not fix it but its worth a try, and that erroro it gave you before about the drive seems to be the likely culprit. you might want to try just wiping everythign and starting from scratch.

scm86 12-24-2004 03:52 PM

personally i would rather get rid of windows all together, but that isnt an option. i have had bad experiences with XP, and it is damned expensive. I will eventually give FC3 a try, need to get a dvd drive first tho.

what troubles me is that RH9 worked fine and FC2 has problems with it...


Scott McNeely

doralsoral 12-24-2004 04:00 PM

have you tried wiping everything and starting from scratch?

scm86 12-24-2004 04:14 PM

No, i havent wiped the drives clean and restarted, i usually save that for a last resort, as it renders the machine totally useless while the os('s) are reinstalled and configured...

Scott McNeely

scm86 12-29-2004 04:11 PM

ok, well windows decided that it wanted to die, so after reinstalling windows, making sure it boots ok by itself, i backed up my personal files and reinstalled FC2, grub is still slow to boot windows after rebooting from linux...

I will upgrade to FC3 sometime next week, i bought a 1gb jump drive so i can bring home the ISO's from school where the fast internet is...

Any other suggestions?

Scott McNeely

doralsoral 12-29-2004 05:59 PM

maybe its your hard drive. do you knwo if you have ata66/100/133? and do you know what size cache you haveion it

scm86 12-30-2004 12:32 PM

Its an ultra ata/100 with 8mb cache

Scott McNeely

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