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mitchell7man 04-14-2007 09:22 PM

Grub - Does fedora automatically install a bootloader like grub? or...
Hi, I was wondering if Fedora Core 6 automatically installed grub or lilo and configured it. I currently dual boot Ubuntu and Windows XP off of the same HDD, on two computers, I am cosidering putting fedora on one of the computers. When i installed ubuntu all i did was install it after windows and grub was automatically installed and configured. My question is does fedora install do something similar or do i have to install grub or lilo seperately?

jay73 04-14-2007 10:46 PM

Fedora will take care of it providing you tell it do so during install. If you want to keep Ubuntu, however, it may be worthwhile telling it not to install a bootloader and simply add Fedora to your current grub (although you could also install a fresh grub and then add Ubuntu to that, of course).

mitchell7man 04-15-2007 01:56 AM

Ok, i have gone somewhat through fedora installation, (now i see the grub thing) it seems Internet is required to install fedora (c6), is this true?
-p.s. thanks for the reply!

Junior Hacker 04-15-2007 02:57 AM


Originally Posted by mitchell7man
it seems Internet is required to install fedora (c6), is this true?
-p.s. thanks for the reply!

Internet is required to apply updates, which can be done after re-booting. As for configuring the boot menu, you can make your Ubuntu the "master" grub.conf. During installation of Fedora, do as Jay73 suggests and install the boot loader to the / or /boot partition depending on whether or not you created and included a /boot partition, (not the MBR /dev/hda). Then boot into Ubuntu and mount the Fedora / or /boot partition and navigate to /boot/grub/menu.lst, copy and paste the default entry for Fedora into /boot/grub/menu.lst in Ubuntu and save it. Then re-boot, Fedora should now be in the list.

IBall 04-15-2007 05:01 AM

Or alternatively, install GRUB to Fedora's / partition, and in Ubuntu edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and add the following line:

title Fedora Core 6
root (hd0,x)
chainloader +1

Where x is the partition number of the Fedora / partition. For example, if you install Fedora on hda2, then x would be 1.

This way, if Fedora installs a Kernel update, then you don't need to worry about it. Also, if you decide to install another distro in Fedora's place, you just need to change the title in Ubuntu's /boot/grub/menu.lst.

I hope this helps

Junior Hacker 04-15-2007 05:06 AM

That's a way better suggestion. Especially since Fedora does change the kernel as often as I do dishes.

mitchell7man 04-15-2007 03:27 PM

Can i do something like that for Ubuntu, so i do not have a big list of kernels, and so i don't have to comment them? -thanks by the way!

IBall 04-15-2007 06:26 PM

I have a page Here about how I set my computer up to multiboot between several distros.

Basically, I set GRUB up in its own partition (mounted as /grub in each distro). Each distro then has its own GRUB or LILO boot loader installed in its root partition. The "master GRUB" then just has a series of chainloader statements, pointing to the boot loader of each distro.


mitchell7man 04-15-2007 06:51 PM

Cool, thanks for the insight,

Rick OneEighteen 05-09-2007 03:17 AM

need a kernel for GRUB to load my Fedora 6
I'm having problems trying to duel boot Fedora 6 onto an external with Windows XP on the internal hard drive. It doesn't work when I try to boot from the external from bios, and when I try to set up GRUB as my default I keep getting a message that it's missing a kernel(s). I'm totally new to this so I have no idea what kernel(s) I need to get GRUB to do it's thing. Any help or info you can give me would be greatly appreciated since every FAQ page I've gone to rattles off a string of Greek and I havn't got a hope in knowing if it's even talking about what I need...

Please help...

mitchell7man 05-09-2007 11:49 AM

You will probably need to modify the MBR in windows, and use that to boot your FEDORA, you will get more help/exposure if you make a NEW thread... good luck.

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