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1fastminivan 12-14-2004 01:55 PM

Grub Boot loader removal??
I am trying to remove grub and rh9 all together from my XP machine and will be reinstalling on a totallyl seperate machine. How do I get rid of grub??? Please help.:confused: :confused:

agomes 12-14-2004 02:17 PM

If you remove the Linux partitions you may take rh9 out
running XP install disc (repair) may take Grub out of your MBR, other MBR restoring ways can be used.
Butyou may need a better opinion as I'm also new to it.

1fastminivan 12-15-2004 01:29 PM

Ok I ended up booting up with the XP cd and going into recovery console mode. Then I typed in fixmbr and it asked if I was sure to do this and I typed "y" for yes then it rewrote the mbr and rebooted the system and waahlaa no more grub and then I formatted the second hard drive to get rid of the rh9. I appreciate the help and now I can reinstall rh9 on my other comp ;)

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