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conrad987 03-08-2005 03:13 PM

grub & ntldr
I recently re-installed XP on my dual boot box (Fedora Core 2 &XP). However i forgot that ntldr would over write grub. My question is how do i get ntldr to recognize my linux partition, or how do i re-install grub to MBR... if i can't boot FC2 but i can access all the files w/ Mount Everything. I've tried pointing ntldr to my boot sector, but nothing works. I appreciate any input on my situation.

homey 03-08-2005 04:40 PM

Here are my notes on repairing the grub....

1. Boot your machine from your boot media (cdrom1) and select linux rescue to install to the command prompt.

2. Redhat displays a message “If you would like to make your system the root environment, run the command: chroot /mnt/sysimage”. Go ahead and do that.

3. At the prompt, type rdev and make a note of the output. For example, if it looks like this... " /dev/hda2 / " . This indicates that the Redhat root partition is on the first drive and second partition. You need that info for the next step.

4. Get into the grub configuration utility with the command: grub.
At the prompt grub> type the command: root (hd0,1) ; this will tell grub that the linux files it needs are on the first hard disk (hd0) and the second partition (1) of that drive. Change this to meet your configuration needs. For instance, if the linux files are on the second hard disk (hd1), first partition (0) of that drive then type root (hd1,0).
If you selected the correct location (where linux is installed), you should see a message as follows.... Filesystem type is Ext2fs, partition type is 0x83.
Then issue the following command: setup (hd0) ; this will install grub in the MBR of your first hard disk. You could change that to use the /boot partition if desired.
Exit the grub utility with the command: quit

You can also try to use grub-install /dev/hda to install grub on your first hard drive's MBR. Sometimes the first method works better.

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