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pccdrussell 03-03-2008 11:21 AM

Great Backup Solution
Hello All,
I just wanted to share with you something that has been very beneficial to me and appears to me many others. This product has great reviews. For a long time I was struggling trying to find a good backup solution until I found "RESTORE". It is a very user friendly, simple, reliable backup solution. The frontend is all web-based and backs up everything from Linux, Windows, Netware, Mac, MySQL. You can try it out with a Live CD, VM, or install to HD if you like it. There are also 2 versions, EE and DC. EE "Enterprise Edition" is great for a single environment such as a home user or single business etc... that has multiple workstations or servers and want to backup to a single server. DC "Data Center" offers a unique architecture that supports the provisioning needs of hosting providers and gives them the capability to sell remote backup services for PC's or servers. You can find more info at the site. The links for download are also there.
I'd be interested to hear others experiences with it. Works great for not only personal home use, but enterprise environments as well. Hope this is as good a solution for others as it is for me!

PS. I don't work for the company or make any money for advertising or whatever. I just wanted to share this product to hopefully help others that might be in need of this type of solution.

aus9 04-03-2008 11:18 PM

I am glad it works for you....I have not tested it...but their website suggests:
"Looking for a ..., easy file restoration,......"

and a review says
This means you cannot back up files on the host machine upon itself

comment ...may be misleading claim

pccdrussell 04-03-2008 11:47 PM

Yeah, I think some other people have had concerns about that. But for me its a non issue, cause I just have always wanted a machine that can back up the data on other remote servers. It actually used to have the ability to do "local" backup of itself, but they took it out. I think I heard reports of they might put that back in there. But anyway, what they are saying is basically, "backup files and restore them easily". And that I must say is entirely true.

Anyway, thanks for the reply. I was anxiously waiting to hear some other peoples thoughts, but this post has been on the zero reply list for a while.

aus9 04-04-2008 09:19 AM

yeah well was doing a zero post reply...

a search of your link at lq (my searches sometimes do not work) shows zip other users recommending it....maybe this post will interest those reading the recent posts quick links

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