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Mau 06-15-2004 05:16 PM

Graphic Editing + Web-Design
I recently decided to switch to Linux, and once I get my connection to work with Mandrake, I'll be in the need of some new software.

I currently use Macromedia Dreamweaver just for the syntax highlighting and code "hints". I also use Fireworks to make the graphics.

What do you guys suggest that could replace these in a Linux enviroment? The GIMP looks like a nice program, but it doesn't look like it loads up PNG files and is strictly for photo editting ???

Thanks again! :)

1351 06-15-2004 05:30 PM

GIMP doesn't have any problems with pngs, or much else for that matter (although the text tools in GIMP 2 leave something to be desired, IMO). Beyond that small point (which I've learned a few ways to work around), it's up there with Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro (the two packages I used most often in my M$ days).

As for Dreamweaver... you should be ashamed of yourself! Seriously though, if you're after an HTML program with good syntax highlighting and such, I wholeheartedly recommend BlueFish.

Both GIMP 2 and BlueFish tend to come on both Mandrake CDs and in the package repositories.

It's possible to run your favourite Window$ programs using utilities such as Wine and CrossOverOffice (the latter being commercial software).

Mau 06-15-2004 06:04 PM

Great! I'll look up BlueFish and play around with GIMP some more.

1351 06-15-2004 06:08 PM


Originally posted by Mau
Great! I'll look up BlueFish and play around with GIMP some more.
With GIMP, you should also look out for all the plugins you can get for it - they expand its capabilities a great deal. Again, many are available as packages, but installation of others is fairly easy. You might want to check out to see what goodies they have on offer.

Have fun with it. :)

Mau 06-15-2004 06:33 PM

Just installed bluefish, and it looks perfect! It's the program I've been looking for.

Thanks for the help and speedy response!

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