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littlejoe5 11-03-2016 06:25 PM

googleearth quit saving myplaces but
Had a common problem
Google earth quit working for me, but...

I've been using Googleearth for years to map out and comment on the various migrant labor camps that we visit in Mexico. It has been a very useful tool. Just because it is, I am looking for some useful substitute. Who knows what Google is apt to do! And I don't want to be taken by surprise.

That came home pretty hard the other day when I discovered that google earth was no longer keeping the data that I put into it! In the morning one day, it worked just fine, but in the afternoon, working on the same file in the same way, it suddenly was not retaining the data. It had worked so completely automatic up until then. I enter from the 'exif' data of my camera, the coordinates of the photo of the place I want to enter on the map. Google earth marks it with a 'placemarker'. I rename the placemarker, enter any comments that I may have, and go onto the next. At the end of the session, I shut off the program, and the next time I turn it on everything should be there. But it isn't!

I checked to see if there was an upgrade available, or a fix, or if anyone else was having the same problem. Turns out that some people have been having this problem for years, but I found no one that had found a solution. I was using my desktop, so I decided to transfer the kml data file to my laptop, and see if perhaps something was wrong with the desktop, or it's programming, but - no help there. I checked to see if I had the newest version, and didn't so I installed the newest. Still no help. I'm using Linux (16.4 on the laptop, Mint 15 on the desktop, both 64bit). Still no help. so I began to experiment to see if I could find a way to persuade it to actually retain the data.


I found that if I used the same procedure and found the proper place on the globe but then instead of using the marker put there by the program itself, I would immediately place another place-marker, rename and comment that one, it would retain it. An extra step, but a workable one. Still no clue why it worke as usual that morning but not that afternoon.

But while I was Studying that problem, it occurred to me that the index displayed along the left of the page was getting very long, and was not at all sorted. Maybe the problem was related to that. So I began to read articles about organizing the data in Google earth. I learned a lot. I made copies of the data for safety sake usng linux, and then set about working within Google earth to organize the data. It was a jumble of placemarkers, ( using different symbols and colors to separate grape-harvest-camps from asparagus-harvest-camps, from villages, landmarks, etc.; and path-markers of various sorts and descriptions. In order to get a good view of some crowded areas of the map I'd have to 'elevate' myself to ridiculous 'altitudes'.

So I clicked on an empty space not far below the "myplaces" folder, and chose from the menu "add folder, and then named the folder, and while I was at it I did it again. Eventually I had added three folders, and sorted most of the data in to one or another of them ("cutting" fom the map and "pasting" in the inex folder)
. With that done, one can 'hide' an entire folder, or reveal it, with just one click. Or one can make any two (or three, or more) folders visible at the same time, or separate the view.

Another advantage is that it makes it pretty simple to save just the data that you want and transfer it to another computer, or back it up. I hid one category of placemarkers that was in a particularly crowded area of the display, and clicked in the index column, and saved the placemarker data of another folder, and the pathmarker data of another one together as a single kml file. That file can be used by itself in googleearth, and show just that data without the confusion of the rest. Or to pass on to co-workers so they can use it on their own computers.

I wound up being grateful for the original trouble that drove me to study the problem, and for the resources - once so rare - now on the internet, and for the people who provide them. Which is why I have written this. I hope it helps someone, somewhere.

jefro 11-03-2016 09:56 PM

Thanks for posting this. Might help another person. :)

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