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AireTamStorm 06-09-2006 06:37 PM

Good keyboardless input systems for non-touchscreen STB with a mouse/joystick?
Hello all, tall order here. I'm building a Set Top Box for video and audio, and I'd like to be able to get decent input without a hardware keyboard.

So far, I've modified a wireless XBOX controller for USB, translated that into simulated keyboard presses and mouse actions for amaroK and Kaffeine. This has worked very well, but I'd like to add a bit of quick input functionality.

I'm looking for good on-screen input methods that require no touchscreen or hardware keyboard- it can accept mouse gestures and joystick input. Thats pretty much it. Autocompletion would be a favorable feature.

I've tried dasher, but it will take a bit of tweaking for my purposes, and its somewhat difficult to use (no real intuitive way to make capital letters or special characters)

On Screen Keyboards prove to be too hard to read, or take up too much room on the display. It isn't practical for time either. However I'm willing to bend on this if the OSK requires NO mouse clicks and can accept either joystick input or simulated keypresses from my pad ( I know, an on screen keyboard that accepts keyboard input :- / ).

I don't want to add a keyboard if at all possible, I would really like to stick to a joystick or a mouse.

-No on screen keyboard that requires clicking
-No hardware keyboard required
-Accepts Joystick input, or mouse movement/gestures
-Complete keyboard input
-Support GTK and/or Qt applications

I'm thinking something along the lines of input boxes seen in RPGs and many other video games, where you use the joystick to move a selection box over a letter, press a button, and repeat until finished.

Any userspace or daemons out there that sound like what I'm looking for?

maroonbaboon 07-20-2006 08:19 AM

Pretty old thread. Got here searching for 'xbox'. If anyone is still interested in this check out . Most of the Xbox linux distros already have what you want (XDSL, Xebian etc). From what you've already done, I would think you should be able to extract the necessary bits from one of these.

Or maybe not. Depends what you mean by a 'simulated keypress'.

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