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LazerPhreak 05-16-2010 02:46 PM

GnuCash Stock Quotes wont find OTC BB
Ok, So I think I almost have gnucash figured out. One problem though. When I try to import my stock quotes for my portfolios, It won't get any quotes for my OTC BB Stocks. Under the security editor, there is no option for OTC as an exchange. For example: CNEX. How would I set GnuCash up to import this quote?

Arkangyl 03-06-2011 04:21 PM

Sorry to Necro a thread, especially for my first post, but I also had this same question, saw this post when looking for an answer, found no answer, and then solved the question myself with a quick test in GNUCash so figured I share the answer for anyone else who stumbles across this post with the same question.

When creating the new Security, just manually type the name of the exchange in the "Type:" box exactly as it is referenced online (in this case OTC:BB). As long as it exists on "Type of Quote Source:" you choose under "Get Online Quotes", it will pull the numbers for the stock / fund. Also, once you do this the first time, this exchange will now always be an exchange you can choose using the fly-out carrot selector list for exchanges in GNUCash. Hope this helps someone looking for an answer later. ;)

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