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creatorschild 10-26-2003 10:04 PM

I'm fairly new to linux, although I am enjoying my new RH9 laptop. I have Bible software on my tower pc, but it is windows. I found gnomesword for linux, and I finally got it to install (with all of the hard to find dependancies). What I can't figure out (since there are no readme or execution instructions that I can find) is how to get the gui to run. If anyone knows how to use gnomesword please help! What commands to I type in terminal? Your help would be greatly appreciated.:Pengy:

salparadise 10-27-2003 12:45 AM

i managed to get it to run once
loaded the King James into it
and got chapter numbers
and no text

all other attempts have led nowhere

if you get it sorted
do tell me how


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