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WickedImp 05-04-2005 07:33 AM

gnome2 desktop and menu icons
I got some questions using the gnome desktop and the main menu, start menu or whatever it is called.

First thing is that I can force nautilus to scale icons on desktop and in file browser to 25, 50 and 75 percent. But I did not find any option to scale the icons in the main menu. Btw... I do not want to hide them, I only want to have them a lot smaller (currently using the theme called Nuvola). I guess the main menu is not nautilus - so my next guess is that it is coming from gnome-panel (cause I did not find any other applet fitting the default naming schema for such a main menu application). Also searched the (erm...) gnome-'registry'. Did not find anything... maybe someone can push me in the right direction...

Next question is about using nautilus as desktop: It seems that nautilus 'remembers' some unique icons like cdrom or smb mounts and always places them on the last know position. So it often happens to me that some of those icons lay above others - which always forces me to push a lot of other icons to a new place. But I want it the windows-'way of living'. Means: A new icon should automatically take the most left and upper position it can get. How to do this - if it is possible...

Thx a lot to the guys trying to form answers for this questions! :)

redhatrosh 05-04-2005 11:56 AM

I can answer only one question.

Click on Redhat ->Preferences -> File management .

The make appropriate changes in the menus where you wud find tabs related to your requirements ..most appropriately the 1st one..

WickedImp 05-05-2005 03:57 AM

Thank you for trying to help me. But... :) This options I did find before. There I can manage and set up many things which are nautilus related. But there are no settings to manage the way nautilus handles it's desktop area. And the zoom options in the first tab won't help me with the main menu, only for nautilus itself (there are 5 tabs in filemanagement: Views, Behavior, Display, List Columns and Preview). Btw... I'm currently using Ubuntu/Debian as Desktop system.

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