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Greg21 06-11-2003 05:01 PM

Gnome terminal
I've read the help files, I've searched this forum, I've even googled it.

My Gnome Termnial doesn't act like my normal terminal does. It does not color code the fonts, the promt is "bash-2.05b$" instead of "username@hostname: current_path$".

What am I missing? Is there a easy way to fix this problem? I feel kindof stupid asking this as it should be straight forward ... guess im just dumb :)


neenee 06-11-2003 05:41 PM

i can give the solution to your second problem:
run gnome-terminal, go to edit -> current profile.
select the 'title and command' tab, and check the
'run command as login shell' box, and click close.

Greg21 06-11-2003 06:24 PM

Thanks, that solved both of my problems.

cpv204 06-12-2003 06:08 AM

Greg21, here's an explanation for that strange behavior. bash can start in two modes, a login shell and a non-login shell. When you login at the CLI, bash starts a login shell. Normally, when you start up a gnome terminal, bash starts a non-login shell.

In a login shell, bash looks at /etc/profile and the first of ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bash_login, and ~/.profile

In a non-login shell, bash looks at ~/.bashrc

That's why your gnome terminal prompt, colors, and other stuff looked different from what you normally get when you log in at the CLI.

As neenee has pointed out, you can set gnome terminal to start up as a login shell, which you have found acts just as described above.

neenee 06-12-2003 02:13 PM

good to hear it's fixed.

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