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tanstaafl4y 11-21-2006 07:27 PM

Gnome-pilot Base Directory Invalid Error (Ubuntu)
I have just recently installed Ubuntu 6.06 and am using Evolution Mail. When trying to sync my contacts from evolution to my PDA (Palm zire 21) I get the hotsync connect noise and a few seccond later the hotsync ends. The following warning screen appears on my desktop

I have no idea what the base directory is let alone how to fix it and I'm not sure how to use gnomecc to select a diffrent one.

Google helped me get Ubuntu to recognize the PDA...but not offering much in the way of resolving the "base directory" problem.

tanstaafl4y 11-22-2006 05:02 AM

Not sure what I did but it is working now. Trial and error found a solution.

On the ubuntu toolbar I went to "places" "HomeFolder" and deleted the "mypilot" folder.

On the tool bar I left clicked on the pilot daemon and deleted all entries under "pilot" tab and "device" tab

On pilot tab I "added" my PDA than on "Devices" tab I created 6 diffrent entries...Cradle /dev/pilot, Cradle1 /dev/ttySO, Cradle2 /dev/ttyS1, Cradle3 /dev/ttyS2...etc All were set as 57600 USB

Placed 3 contacts on Evolution and what do ya know...hotsync worked. atleast for contact phone numbers, emails and addresses.

Now I just need to import/export my outlook contacts and I'll have a working setup.

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